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Fact File – Physical Developments MADONNA Madonna was born on 16 August 1958. Her father is Silvio P. Ciccone, a Chrysler/General Motors design engineer, and her mother was Madonna Louise, a French-Canadian. She was the third child of her parents and has five siblings, Martin, Anthony, Paula, Christopher and Melanie. Her father married Joan Gustafson and had two more kids - Jennifer and Mario. INFANCY Physical From birth- 2 months babies will focus on you face when you talk, they will develop arm and leg movement. In the first year the baby will develop head control, the baby will be able to lift their chest when placed on their stomachs. Later on in the year they’ll be able to sit up steadily, can crawl on their hands and knees. 1- 3 years the baby should be able to walk well, get on and off a low chair, around 24 months they will be able to run and climb, around 36 months they will learn other skill as they grow older such as hopping, skipping, playing with a ball etc. In the physical stage of infancy, Madonna will have gone through all of that most babies and toddlers develop the same, some develop early whereas others can develop later. CHILDHOOD Physical Children will have many physical developments through childhood For example; physical changes, brain and nervous system development, gross and fine motor skills, and health issues are important aspects of physical development during childhood. ADOLESENCE Physical Adolescents go through a tremendous amount of physical growth and development. This rapid physical development begins during the previous developmental stage called Puberty and continues during adolescence. Girls will experience puberty between ages 10 and 14 years. Boy’s puberty begins slightly later than girls'. On average, boys experience puberty between the ages of 11 and

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