Physical deprivation essay - 1984

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*this is a b/c grade GCSE paper only posted so i can use the site More than thought police, telescreens, propaganda, or any other sophisticated means of control, the party’s primary method for enforcing obedience is physical deprivation. George Orwell’s 1984 is set in an utmost communist state, where the ruling party, known as INGSOC, controls everything with the use of telescreens, starvation and even the people’s very own children, to maintain the party’s complete power and the people’s complete obedience. One of the most mentioned forms of control in the book is probably the use of Telescreens. They are a complex web of television-cameras covering the entire country of Oceania and relentlessly spewing out party propaganda during every hour of the day. These advanced machines are unable to be turned off and relieve any manner of personal privacy that the members of the outer-party should be entitled to; Winston even states ‘the only privacy you get is the few inches inside your skull’. This form of surveillance is very extreme and no doubt expensive, but in the eyes of INGSOC, a very necessary supplement to their complete domination over the party members. The telescreens had yet another use of detecting whether people were committing face-crime. A second sophisticated means of controlling people would be the use of thought police. Thought police were trained solely to seek out and detain any party members who were proven to be committing thought-crime. Thought-crime is when someone just thinks about anything other than or something bad about the party, such as love for a man/woman, thought about overthrowing the party and rebelling ect. Thought crime is detected mainly with the use of telescreens; any person seen to commit face-crime (as mentioned above), which is a way of exposing who is thinking thought crime, by spotting for any sudden emotions or gasps
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