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Physical Beauty vs. Intelligence Essay

  • Submitted by: JournalismMajor
  • on March 1, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Naima Bey

        Physical Beauty vs. Intelligence

In today’s society, I believe people choose

physical beauty over intelligence. People attend to look at

one another appearance before they can hold an intelligent

conversation to actually see if they like the person. For

example, people these days are getting pregnant at an

early age which means teens are not actually being

thoughtful toward their own life. Males attend to just get into

female's bodies then to actually wait for marriage or when

the female is actually ready to give it up. Females on the

other hand like to gain popularity by giving their self

up to impress their peers around them. If intelligence was

being use through this situation, many teens would be safer

about their body. As of today, people or aware of AIDS

and all types of diseases but still more and more people

are getting affected by it. I believe one way to be a little

safe in life in sexual terms and you have to have sexual

intercourse with someone at least set up a doctor's

appointment. In a serious relationship I think people should

get checked out before getting in bed with one another.

I believe if more relationships were based on

intelligence, this world would be a little bit better. Couples

contain to go to movie theaters, concerts, and clubs. If

intelligence was based on a relationship, I believe couples

would be more seen at museums, libraries, or even an

educational play. I think people contain to not choose

intelligence over physical beauty because people like to be


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