Physical and Technological Resources Conclusion Essay

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In order for an organization to be able to run without troubles the management and maintenance for human, physical and technological resources is of the utmost importance as in this day and age the majority of the resources used are technological resources and if one of those resources for example a computer was out of order this could affect the department it has been placed in. Human resources such as the workers need a high management plan as to keep them happy and interested in the job otherwise the turnout in human resources will be considerably less. With human resources requiring high management it’s important to be able to set out the workplace in a manner where everything has been sorted out to accompany the needs and legislations of humans in the workplace. If the human resources are managed well they are more likely to turn up at work which would make the organization run well as there is a lot of staff turning up to do the work and help the organization run. Technological resources need good management as well as maintenance without these resources the company could possibly be delayed in certain aspects of the organization departments as the business world is getting extremely technological and is advancing very quickly in technologically physical resources such as computers, TV Screens, internal servers, telephones. These all require a high maintenance in a business. This is because they are very temperamental and can easily be damaged purposefully or accidently. If one of these resources has not been maintained well it could cause some members of staff to be delayed, for example if the computer has suffered damage such as a virus or it has not been maintained well it could cause the member of staff to lose work, delay on work and if this member of staff are part of a department and have a task that is part of the whole departments work it could

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