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Physical And Chemical Properties Of Two Metals: Essay

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Purpose: To observe and identify physical and chemical properties of magnesium and copper.

Crucible tongs magnesium ribbon
150 mm test tubes copper metal
10 mL graduated cylinders 0.1% phenolphthalein acid
Bunsen burner 1 M hydrochloric acid
Wooden splints


1. Prepared a data table.
2. Examined and bent a magnesium ribbon.
3. Filled a test tube with approximately 3 mL of water. Placed the magnesium ribbon into the test tube. Added 2 drops of phenolphthalein solution and shook for 30 seconds. Removed magnesium, dried it, and recorded observations.
4. Held the same piece of magnesium in a Bunsen burner to ignite the magnesium. Did not look directly at the burning magnesium. Removed the burning magnesium from the flame and allowed it to continue to burn over a crucible. Saved the ignition product. Recorded observations.
5. Placed the ignition product from previous step into a test tube containing approximately 3 mL of water and 2 drops of phenolphthalein indicator and shook for 30 seconds. Recorded observations.
6. Added a new 3 cm folded piece of magnesium ribbon to a test tube containing 1 mL of 1 M hydrochloric acid and observed for 30 seconds. Recorded observations.
7. Tested the gas produced with a burning splint placed into the test tube. Recorded observations.
8. Repeated all steps using a copper wire in place of magnesium and recorded all observations in the data table.


1. Bending the metal
Very easy to bend Harder than the magnesium to bend
2. Added phenolphthalein solution to the metal and water Solution turned pink Solution stayed the same (clear)
3. Put the metal into the Bunsen burner flame Very bright light, then the magnesium turned into white ashes Changed to an array of colours in the flame
4. Placed the ignition product into a test tube with   phenolphthalein and water The...

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