Physical Abuse Nvq 3

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• Physical abuse is defined as '' the use of physical force that may result in bodily injury, physical pain, or impairment ''. Physical abuse includes striking, hitting, beating, pushing, shaking, kicking, pinching, and burning. Less obvious ways of physical abuse include inappropriate use of drugs including overdosing and under dosing clients, physical restraints and force-feeding. • Sexual abuse is defined as any sort of non-consensual sexual contact from rape to a kiss. Sexual abuse isn't always physical, it can also include derogatory name calling of a sexual nature. • Emotional/psychological abuse comes under three different categories a) verbal aggression which is purposely saying something that upsets or annoys someone else. b) dominant behaviours which includes preventing someone to have contact with their family, dictating what the person has to wear, eat or do that day and c) jealous behaviours, being jealous of the clients…show more content…
4 Explain the actions to take if there are suspicions that an individual is being abused If I suspected that an individual in my care was being abused I would record my reasoning and any ‘facts ‘I may have, for example physical unexplained injuries that I can see. I would record all of my reasons for exactly why I thought he individual was being abused, i.e. They have become withdrawn, they are bed wetting, their education levels have slipped, they are developing an eating disorder etc. Any physical evidence I would preserve, date and sign. I would then present my concerns to either Anne Westbrooke or Cassie Short as they are the Safeguarding Officers for the
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