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Chapter 12 Electrostatics state Coulomb’s law – the force between two point charges Q and q which are at a distance r apart is directly proportional to the product of the charges and inversely proportional to r2, the square of the distance between the charges. explain the meaning of electric field is a region where a charged object is acted on by an electric force define the electric field strength at a point in the electric field force per unit positive charge at that point describe the motion of a point charge in a uniform electric field the force F causes the charge to a accelerate in the direction of E. The path of the particle inside the electric field is a parabola state Gauss’s law the electric flux through a closed surface is where [pic]is the algebraic sum of the charges enclosed by the surface define electric potential work done to bring a unit positive charge from infinity to the point explain the meaning of equipotential surfaces all points on an equipotential surface have the same electric potential Chapter 13 Capacitors define capacitance The ratio of the charge Q on either of its plates to the potential difference V between the plates describe the mechanism of charging a parallel plate capacitor • When a capacitor is connected directly to a battery, electrons from one plate will be transferred to the other plate, causing one of the plates to have deficit of electrons and the other plate to have an excess of electrons • The plate that has a deficit of electrons will have a charge of +Q and the other which has an excess of electrons will have a charge of –Q • The two plates will have equal amount of charges but of different type. We say that the capacitor is charged and the capacitor carries a charge Q define relative permittivity A

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