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Psycho – A Critical Essay This essay will go into great detail about a film called Psycho. The film was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. In his time he was one of the best directors of film and screen. To this day he is still recognised for his excellent use of props which help to give the audience a powerful and emotional experience throughout. The film has also influenced the makers of films such as Halloween and Fatal Attraction. Psycho broke many boundaries in showing violence, permissiveness and sexual content. After its screening it was even blamed in court for being the cause of many brutal murders. This led to the debate of screen violence and anti social behaviour being linked. In this essay I will explore the impact this film has on its audiences due to the fantastic film techniques that are used. The film was first screened on the 16th June 1960 and fifty years on the film still manages to shock new audiences. I believe this is due to the film being in black and white which symbolises the two sides of both characters personalities. This is completely different to today’s film making where we are used to being presented with death and bloody scenes. The film is about a woman, Marion Cranes, who is played by Janet Leigh. Marion has stolen 40,000 dollars from her workplace to go and get married to her lover Sam. She begins to tire and pulls over into a motel to stay the night and carry on to California to meet Sam. The Motel that she has pulled over into is the Bates Motel that is owned and managed by Norman Bates. Norman who is played by Anthony Perkins gets very aroused and attracted to Marion. He invites her into the parlour behind the office for supper. Marion then goes to her apartment as she has an early start in the morning. While she is taking a shower she is murdered. Arbogast a private investigator is sent to follow Marion’s tracks and find out

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