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Practical Investigation and Report: Biomechanics Newton’s Laws of Motion Experiment: task one 1. (Serve with no knee flexion or extension) Newtons 2nd law, (the law of acceleration) would be effected as not being able to allow flexion nor extension at the knee’s would able you from allowing your full power and accuracy you’re your hand to the ball and would effect the acceleration, causing the acceleration of the ball from your serve to be decreased. For example, it is evident that to increase the acceleration of the volley ball from your serve, then the forced applied to the ball must be increased. Not being able to add flexion or extension to your knees when serving would, decrease the stability of your stance when trying to hit the ball also enable your spring power from your knees to attack and push up from you feet with your legs to meet the ball. Also being flatfooted would enable you to follow through properly while serving and would stop force exchange. 2. (Serving with no follow through) Newtons 2nd law would also be affected, as to increase the acceleration of the ball the force applied must be also increased. Not being able to follow through would limit the amount of power you would be able to transfer from your hand to the volleyball affecting the acceleration force and would most likely enable you to make the distance and height over the net. Not being able to follow through while serving would also affect the accuracy and balance of your body, as you wouldn’t be able to guide your ball after contact. 3. A) (Serve front on) Newtons 2nd law Serving front on, effects your body movement by changing the sequence and technique of how you would normally serve the ball. By standing front on you, it gives you less shoulder movement and rotation of the upper body, which causes you to become unbalanced when following through. By your

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