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Robert Mcfield 1. Depends upon the resistance 50% of your max 0%, 75% of your max like 5-10%, and 100% of your max like 10-25%.(25% provided you up the max resistance every time you get stronger) Resistance training build more stamina than strength. Also the percentage strength gains realized depends on several factors like your age and the frequency and intensity of your workout. Age- Children can do resistance training, they can improve on strength and muscle mass, and elderly resistance training can help restore muscle mass due to age, and helps prevent falls. Sex- Women’s peak 1RM < men’s peak 1RM, so when have the same ability to develop strength. 2. HIIT, periodization, 5x5, 10x10, Max-OT, volume, intensity, are some theories associated with different training theories. Hypertrophy Specific Training(HST) has the most scientific merit for gaining mass. 3. Autogenic inhibition: Protective mechanism preventing muscles from exerting more force than bones and tendons can tolerate. During this, muscle can generate more force, may also explain superhuman feats of strength. 4. Transient hypertrophy-Due to edema formation from plasma fluid, disappears within hours Chronic Hypertrophy (long term)-Reflects actual structural change in muscle, Fiber hypertrophy, fiber hyperplasia or both. 5. Muscle fibers split in half with intense weight training, Each half then increase to the size of parent fiber, Satellite cells may also be involved in the generation of skeletal muscle fibers. Can occur through fiber splitting and satellite cells. 6.To my knowledge the physiological basis for hypertrophy can be basically seen in micro trauma, thus the strain on muscoskeletal apparatus is determinant of the amount of mass gain. As i understand the physiology, most gain in muscle mass can be achieved when the amount of force on passive muscular elements (the

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