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ics reportAim: The aim of this experiment is to investigate the relationship between temperature and gas solubility of a solvent (water). Hypothesis: The gas solubility is higher in solution of lower temperature. Equipment/Apparatus: On the Front Page. Method/ Procedure: On the front page. Record/Result/Data/Observations 1. We dropped each 1 gram samples of Alka-Seltzer tablets in cold and hot water. In hot water, the tablet and water reacted explosively. The tablet started to bubble more powerfully, quickly, shorter, harder, better faster and stronger than that in cold water. This bubbling state didn’t remain long. It stayed bubble just for 7~10 seconds. On the other hand, in cold water, it also started to bubble. However, the average height of bubble from the surface of water formed was less higher than that in hot water solvent. ( about 1~2cm lower.) In addition, the time of bubbling state remained longer in cold water (remained for 40 seconds), which means the reaction rate of this sample is much slower relatively compare to the first sample. Interestingly, there was some crystallized-floating matters in cold water sample. 2. After the reaction, the colour of both 10ml samples from each beaker turned to yellow. However,, the sample from cold beaker showed more darkish and vivid yellow than that from hot beaker. 3. When we started to add drops of NaOH to the 10ml samples from the hot and the cold beakers of water, the colour of samples changed slowly and gradually. The each number of NaOH drops used for correspondence of colour between two beakers and control beaker is Samples | Hot(80℃) | Cold | The number of drops | 10 | 30 | Processing of results and questions. 1. In which beaker did the tablet dissolve faster? Explain your answer in terms of your understanding of rates of reactions. The tablet dissolved faster in the

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