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Topics for revision (General Physics I) 1. Acceleration vector in a curve motion: definition, decomposition of the aceleration vector into two components (tangential and normal), the magnitude, the direction and the physical meaning of each component. The tangential and normal accelerations of a uniform circular motion (UCM). 2. The definition of momentum for a material point and a system of material points. Derivation of the law of momentum conservation for an isolated system. An example of application of the law. 3. The definition of impulse (for a constant net force and for general cases). The impulse-momentum theorem. The meaning of the conept of impulse. 4. The method of calculation of the work done by a constant force and a varying force. The work-energy theorem for the cases of constant and vaying forces. 5. The relations between force and potential energy. The equations that relate force and energy for the gravitational force (near and far from the Earth surface). 6. Moment of inertia for systems of disrete point masses and for a continous distribution of masses. The parrallel-axis theorem (including its derivation). 7. Torque of a force acting on a rotational rigid body (the definition, the components of the torque vector and their physical meaning). Derivation of the fundamental equation for the rotation of a rigid body about a fixed axis. 8. Angular momentum for a material point and for a rigid body about a fixed axis. The theorem of angular momentum and the law of conservation of angular momentum. 9. Definition of a simple harmonic motion (SHM). Derivation of the differential equation for SHM and its solution. The meaning of the parameters in the solution. 10. Derivation of formulae for angular frequencies (periods) of simple, rod, and physical pendulums. 11. Derivation of the equation for a sinusoidal

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