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During World War 2, modern military units established bases on numerous South Sea Islands. Primitive Polynesian natives had never seen technology before or people of the outside world. The simple islanders did not understand what they observed. Airplanes, guns, grenades, torpedos, radios and television were beyond their experience. After the war, people flew back to the islands and made a remarkable discovery. They saw effigies of airplanes. The natives prayed to large models of the airplane. A simple and pure culture on remote islands had been contaminated by the presence of the military. Ever since the bases were dismantled and the servicemen had left, the Polynesians searched the skies. They waited for the return of their new gods and built airplane-idols in their honor. For those people, the appearance of the airplane is totally mysterious can and impossible to explain with normal methods. In my opinion, reason of why the concept of God will appear in human’s mind is 1. Desire of the human and limited ability. As we know that the human being has endless desire. However, at any stage of history, we just have limit power to realize our desire or we are not sure that we can. It seems like that we are born to be contradictive. So, when we are eagerly to achieve impossible goal or the goal with low possibility, the only thing we can do is pray (etc. our relatives were dying). We wish that there would be an angel of God to help us, for it is the last hope. 2. Curiosity of people. People were born to search answers. We are always happy when we resolve some puzzles. Also, the curiosity in our mind leads us to the God when we meet some special questions which are out of our mind. Since, the concept of God can give us the answer of these problems. For example, many natural phenomenons were considered to be related to God. However, with the development of

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