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Lab: 3/28/2014 Acceleration of the air hockey punk Background information Pulley system is a device that is made of grooved wheels. It is a popular tool that uses to help people to lift up heavy objects with a simple structure; rope and a wheel. The design of the pulley is base on Newton's second law( if the net force is not balance ,the object accelerates in the direction of the net force). The pulley system that was used in this experiment. The weight was tightened at the end of a rope, during it is dropping toward the grand, there is a acceleration due to gravity; as a result net force of the punk was not zero( equal the force of gravity), it accelerated and moved toward to the ground by the weight and the pulley. Newton's second also stated that if the net force on an object increase and the mass is constant , then the acceleration increase. If the net force on an object is constant and the mass increase, then the acceleration decrease. In summary, the acceleration changed by the mass of an object. Question How does mass of pulley affect the acceleration of a pulley system? Hypothesis Based on the Newton's second law, if the weight and increase and cause the net force due to gravity increase( total net force ), the punk(constant mass) will acceleration faster. The weigh get heavier, the faster the punk goes. Experimental design In this experiment, the acceleration of the punk was measured with a timer and will make dots on the paper. By using different mass of weight, to calculate how does the mass affect the acceleration. Variables: Independent var. the mass of the weight dependent var. the acceleration of the punk Control Var. | why | How | The mass of the punk | If the mass of the punk is different, it will affect the result, the acceleration will decrease if it is

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