Phrasal Verbs,Exercise Essay

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PHRASAL VERBS Use the following verbs (believe, fill, get, run ,look, put, switch, take, throw, turn,sit ,try, hurry ) and the prepositions (away, down, for, in, off, on, out, up , of) and form meaningful sentences. Example: My granny --------------me when I was a baby. Answer: My granny looked after me when I was a baby. Exercise 1 1) Quick!-----------the train. It's ready to leave. 2) I don't know where her keys are. I have to-------------- them. 3) It's dark in the attic. Can you --------------the light, please? 4) --------------the form, and send it to the Director. 5) . You need to get dressed for the party. Why don't you -------------these shoes? 6) It's raining outside. -------------- your raincoat . 7) These fruits are really rotten. You should -------------- them--------. 8) I have a headache, can you -------------- the music a little. 9) The students were able to-------------- the fire in the lab. 10) Do you -------------- fairies? Exercise 2 Complete the phrasal verbs according to their meanings in Brackets. 1.(remove, do not wear)---------------- your shoes before you walk on the grass. 2. Somebody has to --------------(take care of) the fish when we go to Goa? 3. Could you--------------- (do not leave it on) the radio before you leave? 4. Where can I------------------- (see if it fits) the wedding gown? 5. ------------------(be quick) ,otherwise we will miss the ferry. 6. Why don't you------------------- (take a seat) ? 7. I will -----------------(enter) the train now, I have a lot of baggage to carry. 8. Shall I -----------------------(consult a dictionary) the word in the dictionary? 9. You will have--------------------- (rise from bed after sleeping) at dawn? 10. During the meeting, management --------------( conveyed) the message that our concerns were

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