Photosynthesis Essay

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1. State an advantage having more than one type of photosynthetic pigment gives a plant. Plants with more than one type of photosynthetic pigment will be able to absorb different spectrums of light. 2. Explain the chemical role of water in photosynthesis. Water is used as a source for hydrogen in photosynthesis in order to form glucose. 3. What are the two main products of the light reactions? ATP and NADPH 4. If ATP is produced during the first stage of photosynthesis, why invest energy to make a carbohydrate? The ATP produced isn’t enough, therefore; glucose is made in order to store energy. 5. What is the main difference between non-cyclic and cyclic phosphorylation? Cyclic phosphorylation does not result in the production of NADPH where as non-cyclic does result in the production of NADPH. 6. How does the NADPH and ATP formed in the light reactions help in the biosynthesis of complex carbon structures? They both consist of energy which is used to form the complex carbon structures. 7. What is a C4 plant? Why did these plants evolve such mechanism? C4 plants are plants that use C4 carbon fixation. These plants use this mechanism in order to avoid loss of energy from the photorespiration phase. 8. State the importance of photosynthesis at the a. biochemical/cellular level of organization Carbohydrates are produced so energy can be stored for later use. b. organismal level Provides energy for life processes. c. ecosystem level Trees produce oxygen, which is required for other organisms to survive, through the process of
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