Photoshop Activites Essay

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Act.5-Wind-text-effecshopt 1. Open.a.document 2. Fill.the.backround with Black (*text is white and it must be Broad text ) 3. Then go to Filter choose StylizewindDirection(*from the right) Then press Ctrl+F 4. Repeat Step 2, but this time change the Wind direction from the left Then, Press Ctrl+F 5. Go to Edittransformrotate.90°.Clock-wise and repeat Step 2&3 6. Go to and click EditTransformRotate 90°Anti-ClockWise 7. Overlap the text fill Opacity35% 8. Click the text layer and press Ctrl+U (*the Hue and Saturation dialog box will appear )Change the value of it to your desired color RESULT = Act. 6- 3D Text Effect 1. Open a Document *Set the Size in 400 “ 500 pixels 2. Type the name of the university you want *Choose a font style that is Bold 3. Click the move tool and press and hold Alt+Down+Right (at least 20 times) 4. Click the Last Copy click Shift and click the 1st Copy 5. Merge the layers or just press Ctrl+E 6. In the layer’s palette, drag the original text layer over the merge layer 7. Change the color of the merge layer 8. Double click the merge layer (*Layer style Dialogue Box will appear Choose Color Overlay (*Choose darker than the original ) Result Act.7- Glossy Text Effect 1. Open a Background Image, and create your text using the color #77a5c2. The font used is Alba, and the size is 500px. 2. Double click on the original text layer and apply the following styles: * Drop Shadow: Change the color to #51626a, remove the check next to Use Global Light and change the Angle to 30. Also, change the Distance to 17 and the Size to 8. * Bevel and Emboss: Change the Depth to 500, the Size to 43, and the Gloss Contour to Steps. Check the Anti-aliased box for a smoother result. * Contour: Choose Half Round, and

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