Photography – Photojournalism to Fine Art Worksheet

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Photography – Photojournalism to Fine Art

1. There are several different types of photography. In your own words, describe the elements that distinguish one from another.

a. Photojournalism - a photojournalist uses pictures instead of words when they are telling a story. This specific type of journalism deals with a skilled professional’s eye, one that is capable of interpreting a specific subject or event that has taken place and they tell the story through photographs. In some cases photojournalism is not all about photographs, there may be a few select words used in assisting the photo with the story. Photojournalism can be found/seen in magazines, newspapers, and also books.

b. Portraiture - is the art or practice of making portraits. A simple way to explain what a portraiture is, would be a person that paints/draws/creates portraits.

c. Fine Art Photography - is photography that is created with a specific vision of an artist that is as a photographer. Fine art photography relates with photojournalism, which can provide a story or a documentary which covers a specific subject or event.

2. What is the definition of ‘fine art’ and how, if at all, does photography qualify as fine art?
Fine art is art that is produced or intended primarily for beauty, versus being used as a utility. Photography does qualify as fine art. Photography for some is created purely for the artistic side of it.

In the following, DO NOT use photos available in your text.

3. Insert an example of a photograph that is strictly photojournalism. Be sure and give the title of the photo, the artist, and your source for the photo (per APA). Justify the reasoning behind your choice (i.e. why do you consider it photojournalism?)
Photo by: Uriel Sinai. This photo tells a story with a single split second glance. This man is

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