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Most of us think of a camera as añ instrument of precision. It catches a scene in an instant, a gesture in a second, an expression in a moment, recording these with absolute fidelity for ecer and ever - or so the advertisements would have us believe. But if the camera takes the picture, we have a reason to ask weather photography can be whether it actually requires anything more creative than the clicking of a shuter. Such questions bring us to the fundamental query: What is photography? The answer has as many sides as a proffesional photographer can find in a face. To the beginner, it is simple and pedestrian: photography is a succesion of petty details. first, he or she must choose and buy a camera from the seemingly infinite variety of models available; then decide on film, wheter color or black and white; the learn how to load and wind, how to set the shutter, the exposure meter, and the lens. For proper light and focus in each photography; then snap the pictures, one by one, have them developed, and finally see the results. Some of the more ingenious new cameras have eliminated one or more of these steps, but for most begginer, this succession of petty, troublesome details is what photography is all about. For all this trouble, in fact, the begginer and the ordinary amateur see the porpuse of photography as primarily matter of record. More observant than the human eye, they think, more tenacious than the human memory, the camera remembers baby as mother never could, meticulously transcribing every wrinkle of his little jowls and every bubble of his drod for the doubtful immortality of a family album. In this seizing of an instant., there seems to be scarcely more creativity (and possible less) than is reuired of a verox machine. The begginer seldom thinks that photography is an art. And yet an art is precisely what a photography can be an art its

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