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Serena Kuhns Mr. Berry 071712 Photography For centuries, photography has become one of the most popular forms of art. Photography has improved drastically; such as the way pictures are developed, type and size of the camera, and the quality of pictures. Many people aren’t aware that photography has been around for centuries and was first thought of by ancient Greeks. The Greeks discovered that pictures can be formed by a small hole in the wall of a dark room. The decade of 1830–1840 is most often believed to be the birth period of photography which was the period when photography became public. A picture can speak a thousand words. This is true for all lovers of photography and practicing photographers till date. From the traditional pinhole camera to the high tech digital cameras of today, photography has seen a change in terms of equipments used and in the style of approach to take a good picture. Each component of the camera serves a purpose; similarly, each of my experiences lends itself to my personality. The friends I made and the people I met taught me more about diversity than any other experience. Photography helps me put things into perspective; it forces me to look deeper and admire our planets beauty. There is an artist within me as well as a passionate student. I enjoy all kinds of art forms such as painting, pen and ink, and pastels, but photography has always held most of my interest. I feel that the only shooting on this planet should only be done through a camera. I want to, and will, someday, change the world although It will be on my terms. For now though, I need to learn and explore. Photography is the vehicle of my exploration. Without photographs in today’s society, how would we be aware about past events, present news, and even foresee a glimpse into the future? With a single idea of a sun beam passing through a

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