Photography Essay

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Photography is a versatile art. It's about freezing a moment, putting a vision onto paper with emotions and feelings. Photography is a tool used to bring out elements unseen by the eye and capture them on film, with a perspective that is often overlooked. It's an art, and a science complete with rules. The art is finding a subject. The science is getting that subject onto paper. A picture tells a story and uncovers details much the same way as a microscope yields clues about a tissue in its glare.The science in photography is an artifact of the methodical process of capturing a picture. There are controllable variables: when the shutter speed slows, the brightness of the picture always increases; when the aperture becomes wider, the range of focus always decreases. From each imperfect picture I learn, reconfigure, and try again. A good photographer needs patience and persistence to capture the perfect image. Persistence is second nature to me; my work ethic compels me to try again until I'm satisfied. This ethic extends to other parts of my life as well. Each component of the camera serves a vital purpose; similarly, each of my experiences lends itself to my personality. The friends I made and the people I met from around the world taught me more about diversity than any other experience. Photography helps me put things into perspective; it forces me to look deeper. I rarely accept issues at face value, I enjoy dissecting them - sometimes I over analyze. There is an artist within me as well as a passionate student. I am a leader and always first to take initiative. I enjoy the outdoors. I feel that the only shooting on this planet should only be done through a camera. I want to, and will, someday, change the world. It will be on my terms. For now though, I need to learn and explore. Photography is the vehicle of my exploration. Photography is becoming an

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