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Photographer- David LachapelleDavid Lachapelle is a notable photographer in this day and age. His work is seen as surreal and beautiful yet also highly bizarre. Many of his pictures are digitally enhanced and often contain nudifty. He has an interesting sense of humour about him which he often encorporates in his work. He celebrates the artificial and brings out a world of fantasy through his photos. Lachapelle was born in Connecticut in 1969. He trained as a fine artist at North Carolina School of the Arts before moving to New York. Upon his arrival Lachapelle enrolled in both the Arts Student League and the School of Visual Arts. It was none other than Andy Warhol who offered him his first professional job shooting for Interview magazine. Things started to pick up from there. As the years went by he developped into a renowned photographer in the world of fashion. He has the ability to create images that are cultural cues as well as advertising campaigns. His photos can be found on the pages of Italian Vogue, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, i-D, Vibe, Interview, The Face, British GQ, etc.He has done advertising campaigns for a variety of clients including L’Oreal, Iceberg, MTV, Ecko, Diesel Jeans, Sirius, Ford, Sky Vodka and the Got Milk campaign. Lachapelle has photographed numerous album covers and packages for artists such as Macy Gray, Moby, No Doubt, Whitney Houston, Lil’ Kim, Elton John, and Madonna.To add to his list of growing accomplishments he has two published books, Lachapelle Land and Hotel Lachapelle, both of which contain vivid and bizarre potraits of celebrities. He has also directed numerous music videos for artist such as: No Doubt, Elton John, Blink 182, Christina Aguilera, Jenifer Lopez, the Vines, etc. One of my favorite pieces of work of his is entitled "Addicted to Diamonds". The Focal point is a pale, blonde girl who is nude and slouched over a

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