Photo Story Essay

1265 Words6 Pages (slide 1) (slide 2) (slide 3) (slide 4) (slide 5) (slide 6) (slide 7) (slide 8) (slide 9) (slide 10) (slide 11) (slide 12) Details My American Dream is to graduate college from The Military Academy at Westpoint. After college, I would enlist into the Army as an infantryman. During my time in the Army, I would travel the world. I will receive the Medal of Honor for my actions in a particular battle that I am in. I will be honorably discharged and go on to a fancy lifestyle, with a beautiful house, car, and wife. After I settle down for a little bit, I will go join the local SWAT team wherever I reside. My Guiding question that I used to assemble the Photo Story was ‘Everyone has dreams about a personally fulfilled life…what is your dream?’ Slide 1 I chose this photo because when I think of America, the first thing that comes to my mind is the flag. I put this first, because it is a good gateway into my American Dream. My music I used through the whole photo story is ‘Dance: Hop’…I chose this type of music because it had a good beat, and I like to think of myself as an upbeat person. I manipulated this slide by making it circle outwards because I thought I looked creative and cool. I

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