Phobias & Addictions Essay

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Keely C. Holt PSY/300-General Psychology Professor Jennifer Murray Phobias and Addictions May 17, 2015 Phobias can be considered to be an intense feeling of fear and or anxiety experienced by an individual. Avoiding the doctor for someone who has a phobia of needles is an example of how a phobia can affect a person’s life. Most people have this feeling for a lifetime unless the behavior is curved completely. In my case, I have had a fear of snakes and spiders since I was a child. Although my fear of handling snakes and spiders remained prevalent, I have not sought help for the disorder but recognize the need for classical conditional assistance as well as operant conditioning. The adaptive human response to fear is evident and serves as a protective purpose, thus activating the “fight-or-flight” mentality, which is considered to be an automatic response of adapting to ones fear. We as individuals are able to alert our bodies and minds in the response of our fear in order to protect ourselves and respond to a feeling of fear. It is important to know that phobias are threats that are nonexistent and those who are greatly exaggerated. In discovering the origin of a person’s irrational fear it is important to know that the behavior can become so severe that it can cause tremendous anxiety and interfere with your normal life. Self-help strategies and therapy can help you overcome your fears and start living the life you want. Classical fears are fears that we experience every day, as mentioned earlier, the fear of needles as well as the common fear of snakes and spiders are all fears and or phobias that can plague and stifle person’s attempts to mediate the feelings experienced when working through a phobia. According to website, “Your fear of the spider is probably borne from an unfounded fear – perhaps something you watched when

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