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Phobia research paper A phobia is an intense, unreasonable fear of a thing or a situation that can keep you from everyday occurrences or situations. With a phobia, a person's fear is so intense that they do whatever they can to avoid coming into contact with the object of their fear, and often spend time thinking about whether they're likely to encounter it in a given situation. For a fear to be considered a phobia it has to be so extreme and cause so much distress that it gets in the way of a person's normal activities. The three categories of phobias are: Specific (also known as Simple) Phobias Social Phobia Agoraphobia Specific Phobias: Specific phobias, also known as Simple phobias, are generally commonly seen fears or phobias directed at specific objects; this is where your fear of spiders comes into play. People, for the most part, who have irrational specific phobias, can be justified. For instance, fear of flying. Yes the idea for many people being miles up in the air, have seen coverage on the news of horrendous plane crashes, or who have lost loved ones from a flight related death could very well rationalize a fear of flying. The same even holds true for fear of spiders. The person with a phobia of spiders may have never once been bitten by a spider, but they are aware of the venom that some spiders have and fear being bitten, or like others they are just really freaked out by spiders. Specific phobias have a list a mile long of what is included. In fact, any fear of any object can be listed in the specific phobia category. People can be afraid of germs, afraid of reclining chairs, or even afraid of balloons. To each person with a specific phobia their first line of defense is to avoid the "object" as best possible. The fear itself does not become a great issue until it begins to affect their daily lives, relationships, or work. When a phobia

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