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Phlebotomy: Then and Now For my project I decided to focus on a topic related to medicine. Since I want to go into the medical field I thought phlebotomy would be a good career to research. Many times I have had my blood drawn and wondered who came up with the procedure and for what reason. By choosing this topic I was given the chance to learn about something that I find interesting. Bloodletting, now known as phlebotomy, defined is the act or practice of opening a vein by incision or puncture to remove blood as a therapeutic treatment. This process has been around for approximately three thousand years, making it the oldest tradition in medicine. Today phlebotomy is used throughout the world. Our technology has drastically updated since…show more content…
No child wants to be stuck with a needle by a strange person who is mean to them, or even an adult for that matter. It only makes them develop a fear of needles and a fear of doctors or nurses more than they already did. Phlebotomists, in my opinion, need to also love medical care and helping others. If someone does not like their job it’s rather hard to be good at it. For the best chance of becoming a phlebotomist, graduate from high school, enroll in a community college or a vocational school to earn an associate’s degree in phlebotomy where you have a choice of online or in class training. After passing all of the required courses, you then must be examined by the national board in order to be qualified as a certified phlebotomist. To maintain credentials, a phlebotomist is required to attend recertification programs. There are also certain skills required, “The student should be able to lift at least fifty pounds and to reach over head; and have the ability to stand or walk for long periods of time.” Not only is a phlebotomist required to draw blood but they are also sometimes responsible for answering phones, scheduling appointments, or keeping books and records updated. So a phlebotomist must be willing to do tasks asked of them outside of their

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