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Maranda Franco Andrew Appleby Phlebotomy 14 November 2013 Extra credit Blood Draws and Autistic Patient’s Many people may thing the work life of a phlebotomist is boring but we have our fill of excitement because we come in contact with a variety of people of different ethnicity, age, and personalities. One of the different types of people we work with included people with mental health issues such as Autistic patients. When phlebotomist have to come in contact with an autistic patient we need to have an understanding of what Autism is. Phlebotomist must know how autistic patients behave. Autism is a mental condition in which the child has difficulty with communication, social skills, and building relationships. Autism effects the child’s communications because they have limited speech and they tend to repeat themselves. Autism also effects the person’s social interactions. It effects there social interactions because they have difficulties understanding social cues, others tones of voices my seen louder to them then what they are, and they also do not like being touched by others due to being inverts . One individual said it this way “Autism is part of who I am “ said by Temple Grandin. The severity of the Autism can vary. There are some cases that are more extreme than other’s because of this phlebotomist must not try to treat each autistic patient the same. When we, as providers know that we are going to have an autistic child in the office there are some extra things that we need to do before the patient’s visit. We need to talk to the caregiver and gather information before the patient’s visit. In gathering information we need to talk to the caregiver about what has worked in the past and what has made the visit worse. It is very important that we try to schedule the appointment for the first or last appointment of the day because that is when the

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