Phlebotomy Essay

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Cross Country Adventures of Jon - Part 1&2 The year was 1990 and I had just arrived in LA airport and was beginning my trek home. As I began planning my trip, my mother suggested I visit my cousin Kevin who lived in San Francisco. He was older than me by about 10 years and I heard he was doing well with an interior design firm. I called him up on my cell phone and asked him if he could pick me up. "Anything for family" was his reply. His arrival was on schedule, showing up in a yellow jeep wangler. I had not seen my cousin in a long time and I was surprized to see that Kevin was a hot looking guy. He was at least 6'4" with short red hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a black sleeveless shirt and black shorts, which prominently showed off a massive bulge. The drive to his house was filled with family stories and a review of what everyone was doing. Kevin seemed very glad to see me, always smiling and staring at my crotch. Kevin advised me that we were going to have a great time together, winking as he said it. We parked in front of a nice state of the art house, "This is where you live, I'm impressed " I stated. " Wait til you see the inside" he replied back. He was right, the inside was creatively modern with stone walls and crome fixtures, as well as unique furniture and one of a kind artwork. What impressed me the most was Kevin's firm ass, which I stared at constantly as he showed me the house. The tour ended at the bottom of a cement staircase, we faced each other as I conveyed how impressed I was with his home. " The best part of the tour was guide" I said licking my lips. " Which part interests you the most" Kevin smiled very innocently. I lowered my jade green eyes until they zeroed in on my cousin's tented shorts. "Jon, I never figured you!," but Kevin didn't finish his sentence. Instead my cousin Kevin lowered his shorts to the

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