Phl 458 Week 1 Individual Solve A Problem Paper

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Individual: Solve a Problem Paper PHL/458 The capability to successfully solve problems typically focuses on how creative the problem solver is. Does the problem solver include adequate interest about searching the top probable resolution, or has he or she restricted their thoughts for the most familiar solution? The topic of this term paper is to search the stages of the creative process and to appropriately utilize them too successfully to resolve the crisis of personal time mismanagement. Creative Process Stages: The aptitude to be imaginative in the capability to have an open mind linked with the aspiration to investigate other ways, then converse and create new ideas. According to Vincent Ruggiero, there are in general four stages to the creative process of problem…show more content…
When solving the crisis of time mismanagement several questions necessitate being asked, then investigated: What strategies are used for organizating time successfully? What are the rewards of managing time sensibly? How can anxiety be reduced? Some necessary strategies for managing time sensibly are having self-knowledge and goals. Possessing an alertness of my goals will help in prioritizing tasks. Maintaining flexibility in preparation helps with unforeseen distractions that transpire from time to time (Na, 2011). The reward of managing time sensibly, are elimination of meeting last-minute obligations, decrease of stress, allows time to evaluate work, and reduces avoidance of complicated tasks (Na, 2011). Strategies to decrease stress due to poor time management consist of receiving sufficient sleep, do exercises on a regular basis, maintain a suitable diet, have positive outlook, keep a intelligent mentality, process feelings, and maintain excellent social support from acquaintances and family members (Scott,

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