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Top of Form Phineas Gage Paper Judith A. Reitz University of Phoenix Phineas Gage Paper Phineas P. Gage who was a railroad construction worker who, in 1848, received a very devastatingly penetrating head injury. It was from a 4 foot long tamping iron which had been fired by accident directly through his skull destroying both of his frontal lobes of the brain. He had survived the accident by pure luck, the care he received from colleagues at the scene and through other medical care received from doctors at the local hospital. (Grieve, 2010). Phineas Gage had some how managed to have remained conscious on the way to the local hospital or physician. Upon his arrival, Dr. Harlow, the doctor that was the attending physician, bandaged the wounds, which had continued to bleed for another few days. Gage had shown no obvious or immediate mental or emotional problems, however a very aggressive viral infection had set in around the injured area unfortunately this began a month of him being in semiconscious state during his recovery. Once the infection had finally subsided, Gage miraculously appeared to have an almost complete recovery, save for the blindness in his left eye and the weakness in the left side of his face. Upon his returning back to work it had become quite obvious that Mr. Gage was not entirely himself anymore. The damage to Mr. Gage’s brain was silently located in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex. However, in order to understand the personality changes that Gage underwent after his recovery it is first necessary to examine the underlying neurological

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