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Phineas Gage Paper PSY 360 January 21, 2013 , Instructor Abstract To understand how the cognitive process works, one must first understand the brain and its morphology. Though not truly the most attractive, the brain surely plays the most significant role in cognitive functioning. One’s brain is the starting point of many thoughts coming to life. By gaining more knowledge about the brain and its activity, one will finally be able to conclude what a brain does when the mind thinks. However, as complicated as a human is, it clearly takes more than just a brain for the mental process to happen and other important components are implicated for this procedure. Is the brain the most important substance in one’s cognitive system? Surely, one will know more after reading what has been written here. Keywords: Phineas Gage, brain, cognitive functions Phineas Gage It was not always as easy as it is today to understand the disturbance in one’s cognitive process. The complexity and location of the brain and its structures did not allow for much research and the technology was far from where it is these days. A lot of research was done either on animals or on humans who were deceased, leading one to develop many assumptions and misconceptions about the why and how. However, it was very often observed that the ability to think, memorize, reason, or recall any kind of information was dependent on the proper functioning of the brain. Watching and studying individuals whose brain was either injured or impaired by other factors, such as poisoning, made this apparent. It was then concluded that depending on what part of the brain was damaged would determine the kind of distortion one would develop. Clearly, the brain is involved in cognitive functions and to be able to understand

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