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Stacey Snyder Professor McMichael Introduction to Philosophy April 08, 2014 Paley’s Teleological Argument In this paper, I will be discussing Paley’s teleological argument for the existence of God. This is a valid argument but in my opinion it is not enough to prove the existence of God. I believe that even if all the premises are true and they relate to the conclusion, which they do, that the argument can still be proven wrong by other theories. Paley’s teleological arguments, also called the design argument, attempts to prove that God exists by proving that God created the earth and created humans. Paley’s version of the argument is commonly recognized by the “watchmaker” analogy which is as follows. When you see a watch with intricate design and the ability to precisely keep track of time, a person can only infer that the watch must have a creator, a watchmaker, because the machine is far to intricate to have just happen randomly in nature. The argument relates to the creation of the earth in a way that the universe resembles something that has an intricate design; therefore the universe is a product of intelligent design. The universe is far more complex, intricate, and massive than a watch, which would have a human creator, therefore the universe must have had a creator that was more powerful and intelligent than a human, in the case of this argument that creator would be God. In my opinion it is much too broad of a comparison to compare a watch and the earth. There are so many differences between the two that it is nearly impossible to compare them accurately. David Hume counters Paley’s argument by saying that the universe may be complex but it lacks the order that a watch or any other machine possesses. A watch has the ability to accurately keep time, the time does not vary or change randomly, and it is kept accurate because that

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