Philosophy Statement Essay

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I am a leader who leads by example. I have never been a vocal leader. I don’t really feel comfortable yelling at people all the time. I do however yell at people or tell people what they are doing wrong if I am doing something to the best of my ability while they are not giving it their all. I am constantly encouraging my teammates and try to listen to their sides of the story if they so happen to have an issue or a reason why they are not doing things to the best of their abilities. I will also try my hardest for I know I am not the best basketball there is. I will do everything within my power to be the hardest working person on the floor no matter what has happened. I know that is my place on the team and I am ok with it. I am willing to be the hardest working person on the floor because that is how I lead. I do not approve of people yelling at their teammates for something that they are doing wrong when that person isn’t doing it correctly either. I never want to yell at something for something they did wrong if I was doing the exact same thing. I want to increase my leadership abilities to be more vocal and to have a bigger role on the team this year as an upperclassmen. I want to lead our team to be the best we are capable of, whatever it takes. I will not accept laziness, drama, excuses, or rudeness while playing basketball. They have no place on the court and I will do my best to keep them as far away as possible. I will work my hardest to not compromise on what I am trying to do and will take us as far as possible within my own
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