Philosophy Statement Essay

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Teaching Style My teaching style can best be described as 3-D: • Demanding • Determined • Dramatic I demand the highest and best from each of my students and, more importantly, from myself. Many students have become accustomed to lowered expectations. I give my students no excuses. I tell them, “ I know you can do this. I also know it may not be easy, but if you put in the effort, so will I, and together, we will master it” Sometimes my students are surprised when they are able to do something they have never done before, or when they understand a difficult concept. It is almost as though no one has ever believed in them. When the students groan, “Oh, this is too hard.” I know that it is time to change my approach, but not my goals. My reading indicates that much of the achievement gap that exists between Black students and white and Asian students is a result of low expectations. My experience verifies this. Students will learn just about what you expect them to learn. I have found that simply by stating what the goals and expectations are, I influence achievement positively. I am determined that my students will reach their potential. I won’t give up until they have learned the material, regardless of how many strategies we have to try, or how much extra time I have to take to help them learn. When I can see that my students are struggling with a concept, I look at the strategies that I have used and what else might be tried. When my resources are exhausted, I look for help from colleagues, books, the Internet, and anyplace else I can imagine. Being determined is an absolute necessity if I am to maintain the demanding standards that I set for my students because many are not prone to be determined themselves. They are much more likely to give up as soon as something becomes difficult for them. Being dramatic comes very naturally for me, and

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