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Impact of industrialization on workers in the united states from 1865-1914 Teddy lapommeray Mrs. Boland A.p U.S. history The impact of industrialization affected the working people in the United States in many ways and I will explain how. In that time period the workers had no other choice but to work with the rich trying to expand their wealth look in to industrial plans. I believe that the working class had a really tough time and I think that the industrial times were hard times. Industrialization is a process of social and economic change whereby a human group is transformed from a pre-industrial society into an industrial one. This followed the civil war the workers in the united states were out of work. The question that was asked of me was to evaluate the ways that workers and the government responded to the problems created by the industrialization The working conditions were horrible and unfair they also proved how the industrialation was creating problems.The problems that were major was child labor, work ethic, the great migration and things of that nature. Other events took place during the industrialisation like the British Industrial Revolution and the Social Class and the separation between rich and poor that causes friction among every one. According to document 1 russell cornwell views the poor in a sympothetic way and that there was “no person in the united states that is made poor on their own shortcomings”. I stongly doubt that because of the struggle that the industrialisation caused. The sense of the rich get richer is not how all of the people in America were the class separation made it that the working class would endure all of the financial burdens and all the people who owned factories and land were at a greedy stand still and only saw money not how the employees were treated. Also in document 8

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