Philosophy of the Person: Finding the Whole, New You Essay

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Philosophy for most people is a tedious matter that is usually taken in a rigorous academic environment. Hence, when individuals do some thinking about what is happening around them or within them, they do not call it philosophizing. It is merely contemplating, pondering, mulling over, plain thinking or whatever you will. I believe that it is such a shame that Philosophy has been relegated to a status in which it is deemed not significant to people’s lives when in fact it is where all other disciplines such as the hard sciences, which have had an enormous impact on the human race, emanated from. If not for the likes of Socrates, Aristotle, Descartes, Bacon, and Machiavelli, we would have not been open to unconventional ideas, still trapped in the bondage of ignorance. We would have not been freed from the world of hand-me-down unquestioned knowledge and the world would have not been as progressive as it is today. Perhaps, people setting aside philosophy is just a sign that they have grown mediocre in almost everything they do, including discovering who they really are. Not only is the sense of self broken but also lost altogether; hence, the purpose of this paper. This paper intends to show how I, the writer of this paper, have “discerned connections, interactions, directives for thinking and acting” – all for the goal of making oneself whole again, and thus, discovering a new and mended person, in relation to the articles taken in class. Phenomenological Elements of Ethics According to the article, (1a) a person is moral when he/she does good just because it is good. Indeed, to be moral at all times is an ought, meaning, it cannot be foregone. There must be no conditions attached to or even fear of punishment for doing good. For example, I should refrain from cheating during an exam just because it is plain wrong, and not because I am afraid that my professor is

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