Philosophy Of Teaching a Multiage Class

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My personal philosophy for learning and teaching in a multiage classroom blends not only my beliefs in learning but my beliefs in nurturing the whole child. When students are not dependent on their teacher to meet all their needs, they are empowered to take ownership of the classroom environment and to develop individual responsibility for the classroom community. The interplay between older and younger students in the same classroom can facilitate this development of self-directed behaviour as older students provide models for younger students. This is what takes place in a multiage classroom and I truly believe that this is what nurtures that whole child idea. I believe that children learn in different ways and have different interests, styles and paces which need to be celebrated. A good classroom management plan should be one of mutual respect and understanding in the student - student relationship as well as the student - teacher relationship. As older students teach younger ones the procedures, read them stories, and help them write their names, they develop valuable leadership skills and nurturing behaviours. I do believe in independent learning and that learning is an internal process that requires personal engagement but that independent learning goes hand in hand with learning as part of a community. I agree that the structure of the multiage classroom enhances this since whole group interactions are dependent on the development of self-direction and independence in the children. When planning curriculum, lessons, and schedules, focus needs to be toward the philosophy that views children as working on a continuum regardless of age or grade, and which views the whole classroom as one community of learners. I believe that all children have a voice and deserve to be heard. I believe in respect for self. I believe that all children can

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