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...Could it be possible to imagine philosophy which overleaps the core or the principles of metaphysic? Modern philosophers, as an answer to the latter question would say, not just possible moreover necessary. Both the position of analytic philosophy against metaphysics (with Rudolf Carnap at the top) moreover the continental philosophy position to overpass metaphysics (where Heidegger is the most concerned about), are very notorious on the modern thinking. The structure of this paper will be as follows:first of all, I will briefly summarize the position of Carnap in front of metaphysics with the aim of arriving to the critic of Heidegger’s philosophy made by Carnap. Then I will continue exposing what is the Heidegger’s point of view about the problem of metaphysics. Once I have focused the problem of metaphysics from two different point of views, which are the most important ones in philosophy, in the last part of this paper, I will give my own point of view on this challenge by supporting or basing my theory in the position of Wittgenstein. Let’s start with Carnap’s position against metaphysics. In the introduction of the paper “The elimination of Metaphysics Through the Logical Analysis of Language” (1) Carnap says that even metaphysics have had enemies for a very long time, only the ‘latest logic’ by an analysis of language can provide an answer to wether metaphysics is possible. The existence of pseudo-statements is revealed by a logical analysis of language that Carnap makes in the mentioned paper and I won’t recover it here. Pseudo-statements, are word combinations that look like statements but which are not statements at all and are meaningless. There are, according to Carnap, two kinds of pseudo-statements; on the one hand, we’ve pseudo-statements which contain one or more words that are meaningless; and on the other hand, we have

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