Philosophy of Nursing Essay

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Nursing is an essential profession and one in which our work is critical to overall health of society. We are on the frontline of patient care in a world where people are living longer than ever before: yet I feel we are always trying to justify our position as nurses. It seems as if nursing administrators are always finding more extraneous work for the bedside nurse, in order to prove that we are needed. It frustrates me that there is always another round of paperwork and documentation even about those things which are obvious, seemingly to prove to ourselves or the world that our job is essential. People are complex and people are simple. Human beings behave similarly to each other all over the world. Human life is to be valued above all other life forms. Anyone who complies with reasonable lifestyle choices and recommendations should be entitled to healthcare. A person is the number one player in his/her state of wellness. If a person resolves to remain sick or embraces the sick role, he or she will remain sick or even deteriorate, while if a patient wants to be well and lives a lifestyle which is conducive to wellness, he or she will improve. I believe that people are mostly good and I also believe that there is pure evil within some human beings. People should be treated with respect and empathy. I believe the physical environment potentially exerts a great influence on most people and will impact their well being. I believe a person’s internal environment often depends on the external environment. Environmental modifications can influence individuals positively or negatively. If one’s environment is clean, orderly and free of noxious stimuli including smells, this is more conducive to his or her physical and emotional well-being .I also believe in the well proven fact that an environment which is unclean will be a breeding ground for bacteria and thus can and

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