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Running Head: PHILOSOPHY OF NURSING 1 My philosophy of nursing considers that nursing is a concept of both art and science. The core of nursing is the art of caring. Along with caring, one must have both the theoretical knowledge as well as the clinical knowledge. The combination of the art of caring and science through education is vital to the successful nurse. The art of caring encompasses the human body as a whole. As humans, we are not only physical, but also are mental, emotional, and spiritual beings. Patient care concerns not only the actual care that is given, but also the emotions that accompany the care (Drach-Zahavy 2009). Caring involves encouraging the patient to express their concerns, expectations, and needs. As a nurse, each person that we encounter gives us the opportunity to change that person’s life in either a positive or negative way. As a young boy of fifteen, I observed the art of caring while my grandfather was hospitalized. I had never considered nursing as a career until meeting my grandfather’s nurse, who happened to be male. I had never known a male nurse and had a preconceived notion of what they were. Studies have shown that my misconception was not unique. In fact, male nurses are subject to many societal perceptions (Bartfay 2010). They are stereotyped as being feminine and lacking when it comes to caring and compassion. I saw none of that in my grandfather’s nurse. He was compassionate and caring, and neither of which made him less masculine. His confidence and extensive knowledge thoroughly impressed me. I also noted the autonomy and trust that the medical staff gave to him. This lasting impression prompted me into the nursing profession. I was able to see nursing as more than medications, dressings, and tests. I put my adolescent, preconceived notions of nurses aside. I saw that the care

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