Philosophy of Ministry Essay

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Kierkegaard writes, “If I could only have the experience of meeting a passionate thinker, that is, someone who honestly and honorably expressed in his life what he has understood.” 1 We know that there is nothing unique about our theological convictions. Few would disagree with the centrality of the Gospel, community, and mission all done through the power of the Holy Spirit for the Glory of God. However, it is our desire to be passionate thinkers by not merely professing these convictions, but by giving our lives to radically live them out. We know that this will be a lifelong battle against compromise that we cannot win alone. So what can we say? Our hope is in God - in the power of the Holy Spirit to tether our hearts to the beauty of the Gospel. We will need this Gospel to remind us of the forgiveness bought for us at the cross and to restore our joy, knowing that even our own weakness and failure will not deter our God from accomplishing his mission through his church. In this way, our philosophy of ministry seeks to acknowledge our utter dependence upon God and our need to take advantage of every means that he has given us so that we might continue to treasure Christ above all things and to spread his excellencies throughout the world. Our philosophy of Ministry will be explained by showing how we hope to apply our core theological convictions to the three expressions of the church that we desire everyone to be a part of. Three expressions of the people of God identified: Here we desire to identify and give a brief scriptural basis for three expressions of the church that we believe are critical for the maturing and keeping of God’s people and the spreading of his Gospel. These multiple forms of gatherings also serve to reflect the fullness of the church. This brief description will be further explained

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