Philosophy of Humor Essay

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Emma Hernandez ENC 1101 42635 2/15/2013 THE PHILOSOPHY OF HUMOR You came home this afternoon after a long stressful day at work just to find the house a mess. Oh this is it the “final straw!” First your boss was a jerk, expecting you to do the impossible in record time. Now you come home to your pooch having gotten himself into the trash perhaps he smelled some of that bacon wrapping you threw away this morning. Do you feel yourself ready to lose it? Well before you pull out all your hair, get flustered, and stomp your foot, let me give you a bit of advice: life is tough! We all have day to day problems. Some hate their jobs, some have awkward or dysfunctional relationships, sometimes people just feel unhappy or depressed. Problems that seem small may not be so small to the person having them. This stress can build, causing all kinds of emotional and physical trauma. The wonderfully humorous Bill Cosby once said: “Through humor you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. Once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be; you can survive it.” His quote really stuck with me and it has helped get through some stressful days. Many medical journals and therapists encourage us to live a humorous life, not only is it good for us emotionally but in the long run it does so much for our physical health as well. Laughter and happiness, causes your brain to release chemicals that provide a sense of well-being and happiness these chemicals are called endorphins. It also causes the tissue composing the lining of blood vessels which is called the endothelium, to expand increasing your blood flow. As a result it’s great for your cardiovascular health. Laughter is also considered a form of exercise; you stimulate muscles when your diaphragm is forced to expand during exhalation. It also helps make friends. People are naturally attracted to

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