Philosophy of History Essay

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Philosophy of History There are two views of history that I agree with. The first is the Providential View which is based on the belief that God is controlling history to a certain goal or end point. The second philosophy is the Post Modern View which is based on the belief that all history is subjective. Last summer I started reading a book series called Left Behind. Left Behind is about a group who, well, got left behind during God’s Rapture and everything they went through during the seven year Tribulation period. This book changed my view about God greatly. I also recently read a book called The Shack. It is about a man who lost a daughter to a serial killer and after several years of a great depression, God helped him find closure and forgiveness of what had happened to him and his family. This book also changed my view on God. Even though both of these books are fiction they are a big reason in why I believe God has something planned for us in the end. I have heard the story of Jesus returning to the Earth before, but I was not sure if I truly believed it was true until I read those books. I know it sounds ridiculous to base a belief off of a couple of books, but there is something about both of them that made me look at God in a totally different perspective. I also believe that history is very subjective, but only to a point. I am not saying that all of history is opinionated, there has to be some complete truth and fact in the history books somewhere. Because all people see things differently, everyone’s side of the story will be different in some way. So therefore, history will always be somewhat subjective because of the people who write it down. This is simply because they are documenting it from their point of view, or perspective. I mean there has to be truth in what they say or

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