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“Children of the World” An Educational Philosophy Essay Cathy Mullett EDAC 631 41B Summer 2011 Dr. Ruby Cain Abstract: Personal Philosophy of Education, focusing on Adult and Community Education, based on the model designed by Roger Hiemstra for development of a personal philosophy. Children of the World Every life, every beating heart Has a searching soul inside Ever needing, ever seeking out The meaning to life I refuse to believe we’re only here to live and die In the futile haze of faithless days Never asking why, why I When I’ve felt the hand of eternity It’s a legacy I will leave, I want to leave For the children of the world Every single little boy and girl Heaven plants a special seed We must have faith for these I will stand for the truth I’ve seen So the truth is seen in me I will give from the source of love So all that I believe is handed down For the road that’s yet to be travelled By the ones who will carry on, I’ll carry on For the children of the world Every single little boy and girl Heaven plants a special seed And we must have faith in these Red and yellow, black and white They are precious in the Father’s eyes That they have a destiny And give them the love of light to lead Through the darkness around us now To a place where hope is found For the children of the world -Tommy Sims, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Amy Grant ( ) Introduction Based on Roger Hiemstra’s model of developing a personal philosophy, the following four reasons present an introduction to my personal philosophy of education, and why, as an adult educator, it is important to articulate this philosophy. Human relationships: What part do human relationships play in my philosophy of education? Human relationships are important for an enduring collective dialogue and

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