Philosophy of Christian Education Essay

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My Christian Philosophy of Education: Dennis M. Socha My Christian Philosophy of Education is really pretty straightforward. First, God is the source of all creation, and therefore all knowledge. The Bible is His inspired inerrant Word. Through the Word, we know him. Through the Word made Flesh we are reconciled to Him. All truth aligns with the Word of God. There is much the Bible teaches us directly, and there is much we are to learn through the natural world, which was created by Him, for us. Second is the position of the Teacher. As a teacher I look to the scriptures for how I should live, how to teach, and what I should teach. I am responsible to model the characteristics of the Fruits of the Spirit. I need to be discerning and able to tell when something is working and when it needs to be changed. I am to teach knowledge, build leaders and grow the students that I am in charged to through teaching. When the subject is natural, I use Biblical examples to strengthen the lesson and build the ethics of my students. Most activities and lessons present opportunities for cross curricular lessons so as to strengthen the lesson and practice newly learned skills. The Bible, Ethics, Christian Philosophy and World view are all reinforced during every lesson where possible. Third I believe that the student’s position is very important. I teach and reinforce to my students that they have an active role in the process. Their part is to question, to engage, to think critically and to compare what is being taught to what they already know. I show them that they need to understand and show respect for themselves, their parents, their peers, and their teacher as an elder as well as for their teacher as a position of authority. The fourth point is how the Bible directs our teaching. It contains a great many subjects and can (and should) be directly studied for

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