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philosophy of life Essay

  • Submitted by: lsmalley14
  • on November 19, 2008
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Philosophy of Life

Even though, that no matter the attempts no one can truly grasp the actual philosophy of life because life should not be something that people want to find the meaning of but merely an adventure full of surprises. For centuries there has been countless attempts at trying to prove the reasoning of life but have lacked the main component, reality. I think   that having an explanation for occurrences in life help people cope with the reality and actuality of it all together. Many people were made famous by their quotes they used to express their perception of life. It is easy to take a quote and relate it to something that has occurred to oneself. But can that quote always be proven true? Or can you find a fault in the text?

For example Barbarella said, “A life without cause is a life without effect.” I see where the author came up with this. Most things one does happens because of an idea had practice put into it. But what about someone that might had the dream all their life to be a professional sports player. They have been conditioning themselves for this accomplishment since they were 10 years old. But at the end told they were not good enough to succeed, or they chocked at the last minute. That shows that no matter the cause or the want there is not always a effect made. But in turn a person could randomly pick   numbers and win a lottery. It really doesn’t seem like a cause for something always promotes the effect you want.

“The great business of life is to be, to do, to do without, and to depart.” When John Viscout   Morley spoke these words his initial intention was good. He summed up the process of life in just a few short words. In order to be one must be born and, in order to do one must attempt or be giving a chance. Again here you would have the one to argue that they weren’t given the chance to perform their skills at a professional level. But on the other hand they must not have been good enough right? As it goes on to...

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