Philosophy Essay Comparing the Matrix to Philosphical Scholars

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PHIL 201 LUO Essay 1 The idea and thought process that is incorporated to understanding reality and the existence of human life is quite detailed. Many important scholars, such as Plato and Socrates, have dedicated their lives to the study of human life and the world, along with gaining perceptual knowledge of such important topics like reality and the human soul. As Plato and Socrates discusses from a philosophical standpoint on life and reality, The Matrix also illustrates from a futuristic view of life, the incorporation of thought and realization of life and it’s meaning, while also illustrating various biblical examples from a God-to-man indication. The Matrix illustrates the realization that reality is a hoax and that life is only the work of computers, known as the Matrix. A computer hacker and programmer is given an opportunity to meet Morpheus, who represents a God-like figure in the movie. Morpheus shows Neo, the computer hacker, the reality of life, by which Neo is shocked. While Neo comes to the realization that life is only a virtual reality, he is offered to join Morpheus’ team in helping to acquire others in Neo’s situation. The movie demonstrates various parallels with both writings from Descartes and Plato, illustrating the realization of reality and the truth about reality. But as Christians, it is important to also realize that The Matrix is a Hollywood production, a secular company, and that His Word is truth that allows us to know what reality is and is not. In the movie, The Matrix, is in parallels with Descartes and Plato, where true existence of reality is assessed and how we are to be aware of the falsehoods we submit ourselves to. Like in the movie, the Allegory of the Cave illustrates the opportunity given to us to show the truth of reality. Neo is given an opportunity by Morpheus to view reality and that reality

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