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Comparison of Plato’s cave and the matrix The film, “The Matrix” was based on Socrates’ theory about the man in a cave, and life, Plato’s cave analogy. There are many similarities between these, but also there are some differences. Some similarities include; Neo being blinded by the light, like in Plato’s cave, when the prisoner in the cave goes out into the real world and is blinded by the light; the journey from the cave was described as quite painful, like in the matrix, Neo seemed in some sort of discomfort when getting to the real world; both men where given the option to stay or not; there was an image of both of them being dragged into the light; they where both prisoners, although in different ways, but never the less, still prisoners; and once they found the truth, never the man in the cave or Neo could go back. But it was not all the same, there where some differences, like in the cave, it was a physical prison, however, in the matrix, it was like a prison of the mind. Also Neo had a lot of chances to say “no” to seek the truth, he was given the option to change his mind on numerous occasions, whereas the prisoner in the cave had one chance to say yes or no. Finally, the purpose was different, the matrix was there for a personal gain, but the cave was there for no reason. Nobody knows where or what the true world is, people may think they no, but this could all be part of a matrix effect. For all we know, the real world could be galaxies away, or it could be right here, on Earth, but there is no proof for either which leads to an eternal search. We also don’t know what the real world is, maybe we are just part of something which leads to the real world, maybe we don’t really exist, we could just be part of someone else’s imagination, or once again, this may be what real life actually is, but we just simply don’t believe it. So I think that the

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