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Philosophy Essay “Is an act good because God wills it, or does God will an act because it is good?” The conundrum presented above is one that can be debated endlessly. Many subjects and ideas can surface while discussing it, theodicy or the fundamental problem of the connection between Good, Evil, and God. If one studies the statement above it can be noted that there are two questions being asked. If an act is good because God wills it, then it can be inferred that the act can be considered good or evil depending on whether God supports it. That is, the act, without the influence of God, cannot be considered good or evil, but is labeled once God’s actions can be determined. The second question places the emphasis on the act. The act, whether or not good, is not dependent upon God to will it, but is instead good, and therefore the reason why God wills it. In the first the act is dependent upon God; the second isn’t. The statement is working under various assumptions. The first being that God is not an arbitrary force but instead involved in the Universe and specifically people and the events of the world. The second is that an act is inherently good or evil, not just defined by each observer’s reality. While working under these assumptions, I can then apply my opinion on this statement. I believe that God wills an act because it is good, making the act inherently good. Since God granted man with free will, he is free to choose his own way, therefore leaving his acts ( which are arbitrary to his judgment) to be willed, and then become good or evil. In relation to supernatural events- the weather, phenomena, etc.- it is clear by the inconsistency of justice or “goodness” in these events, that God does not will these acts to be good or evil, but to be interpreted by people. If there is one thing in which I have an unshakeable (yet not obstinate) faith

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