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A) What important lesson have you learned from Plato’s Allegory of the Cave? B) Explain, referencing the allegory itself, how you arrived with particular lesson • In Plato’s Allegory of The Cave he talks about prisoners that are chained up and are forced to watch shadows on a wall of different objects and animals. The prisoners have never seen real life so their thought is only based on the shadows that they have seen. I have learned that we are all living in a cave and being treated like “puppets” with our government and politics being the “puppeteer”. The politicians pass the bills and set the rules, while the citizens abide by them, either aware or not of the consequences and effects. It’s like they control us in our doings. The vast majority of the information and the actions of the politicians have little to no relevance to the big picture. 2. Why do you find the particular lesson you mentioned above of any importance? Explain relating to your personal experience or observation of developments in society. • I believe that this is true in today’s society. Many people or most of them are trapped in this cave and cannot see what’s really going on. For example our government keeps a lot of secrets from us and those who don’t know those secrets are technically in the cave. Although that’s not always a bad thing. I believe that in some cases there needs to be enlightening practice in the caves that the people are stuck in. Going back to the government’s secrets; the government has been probably hiding these secrets because if they gave the secrets to the public, the media it would publish it all over TV, internet, and etc. And if we were at war with other countries which right now we kind of are, they could maybe use those secrets against us. So there are defiantly some caves in our society but we need those caves to stay safe. 3. A) Give

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